Konami Game Selector AV – Japanese Rubbish?

Now, it’s not often I dive into the waste of another human being, but considering that Japanese dumping grounds can be the source of amazing finds I just can’t help myself – don’t judge me here! This Konami Game Selector AV is just one of the amazing scores I have come across in the rubbish.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Japanese rubbish can be better than Ebay. ?


The Konami Game Selector AV can be quite sort after here. I have seen these sell for around 4,000yen (about $47) on the auctions. Admittedly I have seen them sell for much cheaper than that too, but I like to keep the larger figures around just to show you guys that I’m not some uncultured swine who dives into the next door neighbour’s rubbish for nothing. ?


<img src='http://www.supergaijinultragamer achat viagra pour homme.org/wp-content/gallery/konami-av-selector/konami-game-selector-av-3.jpg’ alt=’konami-game-selector-av-3′ class=’ngg-singlepic ngg-center’ />

I am not going to go into a lot of detail regarding this AV switcher as there really isn’t any point. It does work very well, but for the true retro gamer it having no RGB/S-VID/Composite means that it probably won’t get the use it should. Would I throw it out though? Noooooo.

I will definitely talk about some of the other finds I have gotten from the dump in some upcoming posts. You will be amazed!! ?


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