What is Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer?

The Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer (SGUG) is a web-site dedicated to bringing Japanese retro gaming to the masses!

The journey of a single ‘Gaijin’ will be documented as he explores Japan to obtain the obscure gaming machines that gave Japan it’s firm place as THE place for gamers. Machines will be dusted off from the collection to be reviewed, and when new machines, games, or gaming goodies are added you will sneak a peek into what it’s like to live in the country of gaming.

To get the juices flowing, here are a few pictures (only very few) of the hoard – man have things changed since taking these pics though! Enjoy.









There will be much more content coming – much more!


    1. Things have changed so much since these pictures were taken too! I always think about snapping more shots, but then I think if I wait a month there’ll be much more anyway. 😀

      Yep, just looking at these photos though, it might be time for a few new pics. 😉

  1. Well look, I’d hate for you to feel confused about when you should or shouldn’t take pics mate – it must be hard with all that gear coming in all the time. I tell you what I’ll do, but only because I’m honestly such a kind and considerate guy… each time your retro gear comes in, just send 50% of it to me!

    That way, there’s 50% less gear at your place causing so much conflict about when you should take pics! Aren’t I a nice guy? 🙂

    1. 50% hey? Hmm, that would definitely make the decision of whether or not to take pictures easier, but…. I am going to have to decline your kind offer. 😀

  2. thanks hollo for your compliments 🙂 i wish i had more time to add infos on the many systems around. especially the underated und unknown systems really deserve it.

  3. My man your website is GREAT!!! Keep it up and it’s up there with the big ones on my fav. list.

    Now I feel pathetic with my 3 boxes of games and my 14 systems lol

    More posts please 🙂

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment Wess. Thanks for the kind words! It’s definitely a good room to spend a few hours in. 😀

  4. Speechless man I am, now!
    This is an outstanding collection. I’d love to get some of those boxes scanned!
    Congrats man on this beautiful set of dirt! 🙂

    1. Thanks GameScanner, I prefer to think of it as a hoard more than a collection these days though – it’s really gotten out of hand since these pictures were taken.

      Box art scans isn’t a bad idea actually. I wouldn’t want to flatten the boxes out on some of them, but high-res pictures might be worth a go.

      1. Ok quick, I just need you to send at least all of them along with a FC and SFC to this address: 10101010, pleasesend–um…yo-you are taking my request seriously right?!? xD

        1. Of course I am taking your request seriously!

          I have already sent 170 of each cart in a seriously well packed package. Doesn’t get much more serious than that. 😀

  5. Wow, so much stuff you already got there. I’m in a pinch, since I have to reduce stuff drastically to gain more family space. But I still love me to haul in HardOffs and recycle shops etc.

    Where are you located?


    1. Hi there Tatsu. 🙂

      Space isn’t easy to come by for sure, but luckily I’m living in more of a rural area (Ishikawa) – meaning I have a pretty big house with one whole room dedicated to gaming goodness.

      Where are you living? Been here long?

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