Special Feature – Weird Controllers – Part Two

Well… I’m back with round two of the weirder controllers I have in my hoard. I could have easily gone into a part three, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I am leaving out a few of the music based controllers, the Gameboy add-on controllers, and a few various others that I am pretty sure people would have seen before. There are just so many that could have easily made it to this list, and if any of you have a few weird ones to add then I would definitely like to see them.

OK, so here we go again with part two! 😀


The ASCII Grip

I see these around a fair bit, but to find one boxed is a little on the rare side. Honestly speaking I am not entirely sure what these are even used for, so please make a post and let me know if you have an idea.



Capcom Quiz Controller for the Famicom

Many of you may not be aware, but the alphabet only goes up to the letter ‘M’ here in Japan. Something to do with WWII I believe – yes terrible joke – apologies to all my Japanese friends reading this.



XE-1AP Megadrive Analogue Controller

Yes, you read that right! An analogue controller on the Megadrive! To my knowledge it only supports a few titles on the MD/Genesis – Afterburner being one of them. It really is one of the most ugly controllers I have seen though, but it doesn’t feel too bad in the hand. I do not know how rare these are, but this was the first time I had seen one here, so it was a must buy.

EDIT (credited to SuperDeadite from the PCE forum for the extra info):
SuperDeadite writes: “There’s about 12 games across the MD/MCD/32X platform, but it also works with the 5 analog pce games (needs the XHE-3 adapter), and also about 30 games on the X68000 (the original purpose for that controller), and around 10 or so on FM Towns.”

*I definitely want people to send/post any information they have it about any of the gear I have here. It’s hard to find info on the amount of gear I get, so it’s very much appreciated – not only by me, but by the next readers that pass through.*



Sunsoft Pachinko Controller for the SuperFamicom

As most of you guys know already I am not a Pachinko fan at all, but the controllers really intrigue me for some reason. It could be purely due to the fact they highlight an addiction that in my country of origin has not been translated to the family game console. Some of the controllers are so damn elaborate as well – as demonstrated in the controller featured bellow this one. I just can’t help but pick them up when I see them.



Hori Playstation Pachislo Controller

This would have to be one of the fanciest Pachislo controllers I have seen in my travels. It’s not only fancy, but also huge!

I have seen one other one for the PC that probably takes the cake with LEDs flashing all over the place, but this one dedicated for consoles is one of the most intricate I have so far. I am yet to use this, but I do have a few Pachislo games for the PS2 that I will have to try out at some point.


Check out this chrome styling! 😀



Playstation Kids Station

This controller is one of the coolest in my opinion. Not because it’s overly different, but just because it’s clear with giant buttons – I am a sucker for clear/crystal machines and controllers.



PC Engine Pachinko Controller

Yep, another Pachinko controller makes it into the post, but this one is for the mightly PC-Engine (quite possible my favorite console here in Japan). This one is modeled on the old school style of Pachinko, and there are a fair few games on the PCE that support it.

Imagine the censorship board trying to allow gambling games on the WII/PS3/360 back at home – not a chance! 😀



Hori Famicom Trackball

These cool little controllers only support a total of 4 games (thanks for that info Frank). I just did a quick search (as I couldn’t remember exactly which games Frank mentioned) and those games appear to be:

Operation Wolf
US Championship V’Ball
Pro Soccer
Putt Putt Golf

The feel of this isn’t exactly arcade perfect, but it’s surprisingly solid. Bet they would not have been cheap either.



The Bandai Super Controller II

Think back a minute to the 80s – Back to the future, Arcades on every street corner (in the perfect city), flat-top haircuts, and every kid owning a BMX – now think to the level of technology….

I don’t remember seeing anything like this back home in the time period. I have been debating whether or not I should be breaking the collector’s rule and trying this out for ages. It’s brand new, and although I consider myself more of a player than a collector, this particular controller puts me on the fence. It could be another summer holiday item on the list though I reckon….



Konami ParaParaParadise Controller

ParaPara is a dance craze that truly encapsulates all that is right/wrong with Japanese sub-culture. I am not even sure if ParaPara exists anymore, and based on this controller being unused and sealed, it may not have been as big as the media made it out to be a few years back. Definitely do a Youtube search if you do not know what this is. If I was to explain it though, I would say it is dancing without the need to move your legs – just stay in line, conform without question, and make sure original thoughts are left at the door, or else!! 😀



And that brings us to the end of the controller feature special. 🙂

Like I said, there were many others that could have made the cut here, but I thought it would go too far if I decided to post absolutely everything. It was definitely fun going through these for a closer look, and I hope that there were at least a few that you guys had not seen before – even if you’ll be happy to never see them again. 😀


  1. As far as I know, ASCII grip is for playing RPGs single handed, but I could be wrong 🙂

  2. Wow, that Mega Drive controller is a weird one. Looks kind of ugly though, but awesome that it’s analog even if only a few games support it.

    I don’t own these but would like to add them to this blog as honorary mentions:

    There’s a really cool dual analog stick for the PCE, supported by Outrun and Afterburner and possibly a few others:


    Lastly, another PCE item, no weird controller line-up would be complete without it… The Super Controller (what were they thinking!?):


    1. I have never seen that analogue stick (the first one you posted) before! Doesn’t look half bad actually.

      That Super Controller is legendary though. Love the picture with the Super Grafx just poking out the back of it – that controller must have been massive!!

  3. I also have that Bandai Super Controller 2 for the Famicom. Mine isn`t new like yours, but I haven`t actually tried it out yet. It is one of those things I saw in the store, thought `YES, I MUST have this for my collection, it will be so awesome.` Then brought it home, tossed it in a box with a million other controllers I never use and completely forgot about it! Might be good though…

    1. You should definitely do a controller round up for the Famicom too Sean. I am sure you’d have some amazing stuff to share! Also, if you do a write-up of the Super Controller 2 and find out it’s rubbish, then I can leave mine sit. 😀

      Being in Japan it’s so easy to buy, then forgot about what’s in the pile though isn’t it? I move gear around, then find things I didn’t know I had, or even worse, find things I have bought two of.

  4. Those are some awesome controllers Hollo 🙂 I have to admit my inner-otaku thinks the Sailor Moon pack-in controller on the PSone weird controller looks pretty awesome. I do wonder if I’m going to get weird looks when the inevitable trip to Japan later this year happens and I buy something silly like a Sailor Moon game 😛

    1. No one will blink an eye trust me. I will be taking you to places where the guys are so hardcore in their Otaku-ness that they have dedicated whole sections of their stores to the most obscure stuff you will ever see!

      Besides, when it gets to the REAL stuff, they have separate cash registers with curtains hung in such a way that you will never have to look the cashier in the eye. 😀

  5. Hi! 😀

    I discovered your website last year through your Epoch Electrotennis post and have been reading here ever since, but it seems like you haven’t had the time to update in a while – too bad, I really love the content and pictures!

    This is my first time commenting – just wanted to add the little piece of information that the Ascii Grip-Controller was intended for the Derby Stallion games. They came with tons of horseracing-related paperwork that I have no clue how to use, but apparently you were supposed to control the game with one hand while writing down stuff with the other.

    I don’t have the SFC controller, but I own a brand-new one for the Sega Saturn and it has tons of paperstuff and tiny stickers inside the box to highlight your winnings.

    Anyways, hope we can see you post some new entries someday 🙂
    Cheers from Vancouver/Canada,

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Ave. Yep, time hasn’t been on my side recently… 🙁 I did manage to make a quick post today though.

      I didn’t know the ASCII was aimed at Derby Stallion games. Very cool!

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