Some Good News and….. – Part 4

So the final day of the Golden Week Holidays has come (which isn’t actually a full week if you’re wondering), and another car load of games and gear arrives at home.

My brain is totally fried from going through thousands (yes, thousands) of games, picking out which I want, then carting baskets back and forth. It’s a hard life for a game hoarder in Japan. ?

As I thought, this shop did in fact put out another heap of games today, but I definitely cleaned them out in relation to NeoGeoCD, PCE, and 3DO the past few days as there weren’t any new ones today.

Anyway, now to today’s load!

I was pretty wrapped to find MvC 1 and 2 there today, plus I got another copy of ChuChuRocket just to make sure Frank can have one.


Just a few gems.

Sega Saturn

More PCE stuff, NeoGeo controller, some PS1 disks, and a few other grabs.

NeoGeo PCE Dreamcast

All up, this holiday break has been freaking amazing for gear! The wife is freaking slightly, but I have reassured her that at least the triples will be sold off. ?

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    1. Yep, it’s not a bad effort, but there is no reason to be jealous – just think about the comments I am getting from the wife.

      Anyway, I just did a quick calculation, and it seems in 3 trips I landed about 460 games!! Then of course there are the consoles and accessories.

      I’ll keep you guys posted if tomorrow I also land a set of divorce papers. 😀

  1. That’s…wow. This, and the related posts, are pretty amazing. Dare I even ask the sum it totalled? (I know you said prices were lowered still)
    A bit of doublets/triplets as well in there… one for use, one for looking at and one for preservation? : )

    1. Well lets just say that it was well into the triple digits, and it was way more than the wife was happy about. 😀

      I will be keeping doubles of the games I really enjoy, but the main reason I bought these is because 1) I will never see them this cheap again, and 2) I try to help friends out on Aussie Arcade (link on the right) – can’t have friends paying those crazy inflated Ebay prices.

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