Just a Quick Post – Laser Disk Frenzy

Based on a conversation in another post regarding Laser Disks, I stopped in and grabbed a bunch of the Anime related ones. I am not a huge Anime fan by any stretch, but I thought friends might be interested in them, and the art work on them is pretty darn cool if I get stuck with them. One thing that struck me about having so many in one bunch was the weight of them though – these together were so heavy that by the time I got home, the bag was stretched and deformed.


The first thing I am going to post a picture of though (sectioned off as to not intrude on the LD-ness of this post), is this original 70s Japanese Starwars record I got my hands on. Total fluke to find this one! It was mixed in with the Anime LDs and was priced low. 😮

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dscf0944 dscf0945


Enough of the non-LD related, now moving onto the LDs. As I bought the LDs you see bellow purely based on if the LD had cool cover art (from my subjective viewpoint of course), I’m really not sure what I have here, so if there is anything worth while let me know – looking at you Ji-L87. 😉


These Evangelion LDs pictured bellow are actually still sealed. This may be an indicator of just how crap they are, or just how short lived the format was – either way, I’m sure being sealed will appeal to guys out there collecting these sort of things. 😀


*Cough* Nothing to see here bellow, nothing to see here…. 😀


I really like the artwork of the this one bellow (first picture showing the front cover, and the second showing the inside). No country does Robots like Japan!



Slayers seem to have been licensed to pretty much every format. Definitely make for good LD covers though.


The one pictured in the bottom right hand corner bellow is pretty unique (as far as I know anyway). It’s a rental version, and the disk is actually gold. This is the first time I have seen a gold LD, but I have to admit that doesn’t mean much, as I owned only two LDs before buying this lot. 😀



Well, I think I managed to get all the pictures up. Like I said, I know nothing about these from a collectors standpoint, so any info. would be great. 🙂


  1. Well that was quick 😛

    That rental Tenchi Muyo gold LD would make for a great wall piece 🙂
    Good gets all around. I’ll be honest and say that while I haven’t seen all of them, I do know OF them.

    What price were these?

    1. Thanks Ji-L87. Yep, I had a free lunch so I went out and grabbed some. 😀

      They were from 300yen to 500yen each – the Starwars LP was a bit more though. I just grabbed the ones that caught my attention.

      There were boxed sets with 2 or 3 LDs that looked cool too, but they were a bit more pricey at a bit over 1,000yen, thus I didn’t buy any.

      Would you consider the ones I bought cheap, or is that about average?

      1. Those are very nice prices 🙂 Rakuten sometimes have LDs for that kind of price but then you need to add EMS shipping to that (only kind they offer) and then the price goes way up.

        Limited editions box sets and the like are much more expensive, of course 😛

        1. Cool, good to know that I didn’t pay too much for them. 😀

          Yeah, EMS can be costly, but surface shipping is the way to go – with pretty tough gear like these specially. I didn’t realise how heavy these were until getting a few together though.

          Anyway, if I can help out with your pile of LDs let me know Ji.

  2. KHFKUDHFEH3476y3t7y47y8jy8T*O&^H%O5!

    So. Awesome. Srsly.

    Are you grabbing these from Yahoo auctions or out in the wild?

    Given the weight of them, it’s probably a good thing I stumble across them when we were over there 🙂

    Now I have to go and buy an LD player for the nerd room. Damn! XD

    1. I would recommend picking up a “cheap” Pioneer industrial player. If not for main, then as a reliable backup 🙂

      This was my first player:

      And it still gets most use, since the better unit I bought to replace it, developed some issues on it’s way here :/
      Higher end home units might have more features, less noisy video output, better built in DACs etc but these will most likely outlive them 😛

  3. … and I just realised that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of those posted. I’m so tragic 😛

    … and those Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon LDs are so awesome XD As are the Macross 7 ones… and the Tenchi ones… argh, too much awesome AIC animation!

    1. These are all from the wild Sean. I know a place that has a heap of LDs for pretty cheap – like I’ve said many times, it’s a real pity you didn’t make it over my way. 😀

      I have to say I’m happy you know of all the disks I have there. I bought completely on cover art alone, so it was chance that I got some worth grabbing.

      EDIT – If you also are keen on some, let me know Sean. I don’t know what I am looking for, but they are cheap enough to take the risk on buying them.

  4. @Ji-L87: That is an amazing site with all sorts of info!!! I’ll keep it in mind as a reference site when I start seriously looking into grabbing a player mate, thanks again for posting the link! I was looking at grabbing a Pioneer model as they have a stirling reputation from what research I’ve done to date, so it’s always good to hear feedback confirming this. I’m not fussed on DD audio output, but I’d like to snap one up with some good filters and s-video output. I’m a bit scared how much I might potentially sink onto a unit though!!

    @Hollo: Wow, so awesome that these are out in the wild! I would have gone crazy if we managed to catch up, though I’m a little scared of what the volume of stuff would have been if we went on a shopping spree!!!! I may well hold you to that offer to grab some anime LDs as well!

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