Another Retro Haul Post

Due to time being in short supply for the past four months or so, I haven’t been able to really get out there and hunt like I used to. I was getting withdrawals bad, so luckily, the past week or two I have had time to get out there and see what’s been on offer. Some may say that I’ve gone overboard with this latest lot, but the gap between hauls meant that I had no choice but to buy everything I saw that was worth while – regardless of whether or not I had it already. 😀

First up, the Dreamcast lot. I got this off the auctions for an absolute bargain – about 5,000yen all up after fees and shipping. In the pictures on the auction there wasn’t a great deal of detail – not all boxes were shown, and the condition explanation was iffy to say the least. I decided to bid on it anyway, and I’m glad that I did! Everything had their baggies, instructions, and inserts, plus some of the items are 100% new-old-stock – meaning unused. Got a wheel, twin sticks, console, controller, fight stick, keyboards, and of course, a console itself.


Next comes the Game & Watch Fire (bought as junk from HardOff for next to nothing, but may not work…), SF Memory carts which I have been after for ages, a couple of 3D Systems, and a final fantasy toy. Looking forward to testing the G&W!


Definitely one of the gems of the lot is the white Gameboy original you see there in the picture bellow. I didn’t know anything about it, and I hadn’t seen one of these before, so I grabbed it (I remember that philosophy worked well when getting that Jusco N64), and to top it off, it was found in an unlikely place too. I will probably do a single post about it when I get the chance. Those Sakura Pockets are unused and sealed too – pretty happy about that as I didn’t know that when buying.



Bellow is just a few of the PS2 and Xbox disks. Pretty happy to get the KoF as I didn’t have that version before. Also a couple of Megadrive carts as well. **Click on the thumbs to expand**

playstation-two-japanese xbox-japan-and-kof-ps2

Moving on to the next few pictures bellow, we have the PC Engine Duo (yes another one), and a box of PCE goodies. Although I have everything I see here already, I couldn’t bring myself to leave it all in the stores that I found them in. I know there are always guys back home after these, so hit me up if you’re keen.



Here we have a random pile of goodness – Some NeoGeo CDs, a Saturn Bomberman controller (don’t see these often at all), and some NeoGeo Pockets. Also have some Wonderswan Color games, a MegaCD disk, and a N64 cart. Crap, that was a random pic… 😀


Some more great NeoGeo CDs, and a few DC disks that I couldn’t let sit there. A few of these titles (NGCD) I didn’t have before either, so to find them in the wild was very nice indeed! **Again, click to enlarge**

neogeo-cd-shooters neogeo-cd-and-dc

Anyone up for 1960s slotcar action? Not really something I want to try and plug in and get power into in all honestly – early electric goods are something that should NOT be used on a tatami floor in a wooden house. I know nothing about slotcars though, so if anyone knows their slotcar sets, feel free to chime in and let me know what I have here. All I know is that it’s old…



Also got myself a few spare Famciom Disksystems from one of the HardOff stores. Cosmetically they look pretty nice, but I doubt very much the rubber bands will still be intact – never know your luck though.


And the final picture contains a bag of random Starwars figures. Unfortunately these aren’t the original 70s/80s items, but they do have all accessories and they were pretty cheap – cheap enough that I couldn’t leave them there anyway.


Well, that should tide the addiction of retro hunting over for at least a few more weeks. I’m pretty happy with this lot, and hopefully there is more around the corner – at least until the rest of the stores close down. Doing my part to keep them in business, but they are definitely drying up fast these days. 🙁


  1. As always Hollo, love your work 🙂 Such a shame that the old retro stores are closing down, but in the grand scheme of things I can live vicariously through your retro hunting which makes me happy 🙂

    Do you happen to stumble across much in the way of anime LDs in your travels? Couldn’t find much when we were over there late last year and was wondering if they were out in the wild these days. Not that it mattered because I brought back enough crap as it is when we went (which would have been significantly worse if we managed to sneak over your way to catch up!!). That last bit’s a scary though actually 😉

    1. It really is a pity that the places are starting to dry up, but it was bound to happen I guess – not like they’re making this stuff anymore. You would have needed another suitcase if you came over my way believe me. 😉

      I know a place that has a heap of LDs falling into the Anime genre. Is there much of a market for them though? I’m not into them myself, but I’d happily grab them for others that might want them. The only LDs I’ve grabbed have been game related – either NeoGeo or Capcom etc.

      1. Do stores like Hard Off/ similar have some LDs lying around? I want to remember seeing a few in some youtube videos. I guess the net/auction sites is the best bet otherwise.

        I’m too wondering about the market.
        Honestly not sure there is one. I mean, yeah, I’ve seen some members on forums & communities that are interested. But on youtube, it’s mostly game related LDs that people show off. At least on the channels I’m watching 🙂

        I’m wondering if simply most people do not know this format even exists, or forgot about it. Thinking anime & gaming fans alike should be all over them for the coolness factor and “premium feel” alone…

        1. Yep, most places have LDs, but not that many have the anime related ones. I do know of one place that has a heap for about 300yen a piece though.

          I don’t think they sell all that well actually. Most (if not all) classic anime has been converted to DVD or BR these days.

          Next time I head out I’ll just grab some to show you guys. At the very least they’ll look good on my wall if no one wants them. 😀

  2. Sweet haulness!
    That 5000 yen Dreamcast lot…wow. Amazing bargain right there 😀 Twinsticks and everything.

    And that Duo. Duo’s are always a sight to behold, this one seems to be in very good condition no less. Almost want to take one of those PCE controllers of your hands, as I just scored a multitap but thinking about it, I probably only have about 2 games that support it anyhow :S

    How much did those Neo Geo pockets set you back? I forgot me and a friend was interested in those and stopped looking for them, so this was a reminder~!

    All in all, a varied and impressive haul. Keep buying that good stuff 🙂

    1. Bomberman on the PCE is really great for multitap action! Well worth having a few controllers around for.

      The NGPs cost me about 700-1100yen for the ‘color’ versions, and 500-800yen for the ‘B&W’ versions. I usually sell them on (the colors I don’t have) for about $15 on average – helps me get the petrol money to head out again. 😀

  3. Fantastic hauls there! I particularly like the CIB Game and Watch and that Slot Racer set.

    I am in the same boat in terms of not being able to get out there on the hunt anymore, it has been at least 6 months since the last time I was able to do some good rummaging around. Hope you get to make the rounds a bit more often from now!!

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