NeoGeo Pocket – Metal Slug on the toilet!

I know that many of my fellow gamers out there like to pamper themselves by taking long luxurious breaks on the toilet. Don’t be ashamed of it guys, I know I’m not. But having to sit a long time on the toilet does become somewhat tedious (can see you nodding in agreement).

Well your toilet breaks need not be tedious anymore! As now you can run’n’gun while you dump’n’splash. 😀


The NeoGeo pocket comes in two main types – the Pocket, and the Pocket Color. The ‘Color’ of course means that it sports a color screen. The NeoGeo pockets seem to come in a wide range of colour schemes as well. The consoles I have pictured bellow don’t even touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of colours available.

The one bottom left is actually a Black&White version by the way.


To make the purchase slightly more confusing for those of you after Pocket Colors, there are actually two versions to choose from. The picture you see bellow shows you both types. The console with the slightly recessed screen (the bottom one) is the newer version of the two. This newer version is slightly smaller and has the recessed screen I mentioned, but in use it doesn’t seem to make much difference.


Another way to tell the difference between the two is the word ‘color’ written in the top right hand corner of each unit. The ‘color’ that is written in cursive is the newer version.

neogeo-pocket-color-6 neogeo-pocket-color-5

NeoGeo Pocket thumbsticks kick serious arse! In my opinion there isn’t anything that touches them, and when I have used emulation to play NGPC games this is the thing that I always miss. It uses a very clever micro switch system similar to the NeoGeo-CD control pads that has a very reassuring click when moved in any direction. They wanted to have that arcade kind of feedback on a handheld and they pulled it off beautifully.


When first turning the NeoGeo Pocket Color on (without a game inserted) you are greeted with the following screen. When I first got one, the horoscope section read “you will thoroughly enjoy toilet time from now on”, and holy crap (pun intended) it was right! 😀


Like most handhelds of the era the NeoGeo was no exception in that it can support linked play. Unfortunately, due to being an antisocial introvert, I do not have any friends to test it out with, but I did buy a few of the link cables just in case. The only trouble is that the cable may not be long enough to link two players in a public toilet.


I only have a few games at the moment unfortunately…

neogeo-pocket-color-9 neogeo-pocket-color-11

NeoGeo Pockets are small machines that I can whole-heartedly recommend picking up if you have the chance. I am always on the look out for more as they make great presents. Just make sure you give them a quick smell before purchasing – I know where mine gets the most use after all. 😀

P.S. Sorry for the unnecessary toilet references in this post. At least if in the future you buy one from me, you know where it was tested.


  1. Just wish they had a backlit screen, that would have made it the perfect handheld!

    1. If these were backlit the competition would not have stood a chance!

      I have seen a few vids on youtube showing off front-light mods which looks pretty cool.

  2. Love the NeoGeo Pocket Colors consoles, will have to make some space in the nerd room to accomodate one and some games down the road 🙂

    BTW, I thought the toilet references were apt/amusing 🙂

    1. Definitely a must buy Sean. If you don’t have one I am gunna find you one – don’t worry about that.

      I actually finished MetalSlug twice through on the toilet. Hmmm, either that says something strange about my movements, or something great about the game. 😀

  3. Sean, you don’t have a Pocket? I’ll give you a play on mine next time you’re over, you’ll love it. The joystick nub is insanely cool and effective, makes one wonder why no other handheld has one.

  4. Thanks for the enthusiasm guys!

    Next time I’m over your way Frank, would love to check out one of your NGPs – I love the concept of a microswitch pad on a handheld!

    Had no idea that’s how it was setup until I read Hollo’s article actually!! I’m no more informed, so hooray for me 🙂

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