Another hard to find machine makes it into the gameroom – actually make that two

Well, again the luck hits hard. 😀

Today I’m going to start with the good stuff….

Not one, but two R7s!! In all honesty though, one of these I bought from the auctions – something I don’t usually do, but I had to make an exception in this case as it was too cheap to pass up.

First, the boxed one found in the wild. I was surprised as it actually has a VGA cable with it as well, and although the box has a bit of damage the console itself is in pretty good shape.

Dreamcast R7 number 1.


Now onto the loose one which I got from the auctions. This one has some scratches on it, plus the network adapter is white, whereas on the boxed one it’s black to match the console body – bit disappointed by this, but I can’t complain too much.

Dreamcast R7 number 2.

The PCE games. Those of you that know your PCE know what I have scored here! Ninja Gaiden does not come up often at all, so I was sooooo damn happy to find this. It wasn’t cheap, but it’s one of those must buys when you find them. Parasol Stars is pretty cool too. 😉


Dance Dance Revolution set. I can’t see myself actually using it, but I know guys back home might like it.


A clear Gameboy 1, and some other scraps.


And now I going to finish off with just a few little extras. The pictures tell the story.

Again, nothing to complain about at all. Any gamers thinking of making their way to Japan, hurry up and book those tickets!! You will not regret it. 😀

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  1. R7 drooling aside (can’t dwell on it for too long as this is my unicorn console – if that makes sense)…

    Can’t believe you just casually lay down a copy of JJ for the Famicom! I’ve been hunting around for it for ages (Sean over at Famicomblog saved me – big shout out to him :)) and you simply pick it up on an afternoon shopping trip. 😀

    1. I actually got three copies which I didn’t picture there Frank. Why three? Well, I know it can be sometimes difficult to get for the guys into 3D, so this way it will be easy for me to help out. 🙂

      EDIT: Sean is a great guy. Hope he gets some time to post on his blog soon.

  2. Can’t have too many Dreamcasts!

    And speaking of which, you picked up Comic Party! I quite like the DC-edition PC version so, it’s a pretty nice game, genre and all considered :p

    1. Yeah, it was one I didn’t have, but I think this one is factory sealed so it might not get opened depending on how I feel. It should be reasonably easy to find a loose one though at some point though.

  3. What sort of prices are you paying for all this stuff? Great grabs Hollo 🙂

    1. The loose R7 was the equivalent of about $55aus, and the boxed one was $90aus. Dirt cheap even by Japanese standards. The boxed one was bought as untested junk, but the loose one had initial checks done. I might give them a quick test before I have to head off this morning.

      The PCE HuCards there were expensive though (more than I wanna say just in case the wife reads :D), but they were needed games so I had to grab them.

  4. Just tested both those R7s and they both work perfectly. Japan is the only place where “untested” actually does mean untested. 😀

  5. I’d be happy to provide further extensive testing on any of those R7 consoles! I would usually charge a fee for this service but I’d be willing to perform it for you free of charge, that’s what a nice guy I am. Just send one over and I will play the crap out of it, how can you refuse such an offer? 🙂

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