1. Wow, that’s something different!

    I think I prefer the analogue version, looks like a lot of thought and care went into its design/creation.

    I like this statement – “It really does reflect a time in which manufacturing on a mass scale was done differently.”

    ^ So true, a lot more pride in workmanship back then.

    1. Yep, something a bit different is always a good thing in my opinion. 😀

      I don’t mind the analogue version either. I will have to learn to play at some point – if time allows that is. The 83 digital version is quite amazing considering the time it came out though. Very different to anything LCD of the same era from Nintendo.

  2. Apologies for the belated response mate, arrived safe and sound from the trip yesterday and have only jumped onto my RSS feeds tonight!

    Let me know if you learn how to play mahjong, I’ve also got no idea!

    Great post BTW – haven’t seen either of these before and they do look very awesome.

    1. I have no idea of the current market value Gumir. I got this one from a place not renowned for selling video games, which means Nintendo gear isn’t priced any differently to anything else.

      A while back, I did see Nintendo sets sell on the auctions from 5,000-10,000yen though, but they didn’t have the paper cards and inserts like this one – also this was long before the international market started buying Nintendo gear like mad.

      If you (or anyone else) sees one pop up for sale, I’d be really interested to know what they go for these days. I’m not keen to sell this one just yet, but if they sell for a fortune then I might consider it to fund a few PCE titles I’m after.

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