Namco NeGcon controller for Playstation

Ever been driving a car and said to yourself “why the hell can’t this steering wheel be a controller split down the middle so I can twist it for steering? And why the hell can’t the accelerator and brake pedals be huge cumbersome analogue buttons?”. No, you haven’t asked those questions? Probably why the Namco NeGcon controller never took off.


The NeGcon controller from Namco is one of the weirder controllers to come out for the Playstation. The build quality of it is great, and although I sling crap on it, I can imagine getting used to it to the point where it becomes a functional controller – not sure how long that’d take though. This controller will only work for the Playstation by the way, so don’t expect it to work with GT on the Playstation2.


Would I use one for a serious racing experience? Nope, not on your life. Would I use one over a regular analogue controller for the Playstation? Nope, I probably wouldn’t do that either. So what do I use it for? Adding plastic to the hoard is pretty much it. ?

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