Saturn Bomberman SBom Joycard and SBom Multitap

Any serious Bomberman fan needs the Saturn Bomberman SBom gear in their collection, but it’s not only for the die-hard fans out there either. The Saturn Bomberman SBom Joycard and SBom Multitap are great bits of gear in their own right too. 🙂


The first thing I am going to take a look at is the Saturn SBom controller, or ‘Joycard’ as called by its creators. The quality of the Joycard is great! The buttons feel good, the D-pad feels solid (albeit a little different to the norm), and there is nothing to complain about in terms of build quality at all.

The interesting thing about this controller has to be the turbo section though. The speed at which the turbo section of the SBom Joycard can pull off is nothing short of incredible! According to the manufacturer it is capable of 26 presses per second, and I have to say I believe it. The first time I connected one of these to my Saturn and switched my Saturn on, my Saturn went nuts! I had to actually switch it off, play with Joycard turbo switches and then switch it back on.



The next item I am going to look at is the SBom Multitap. There isn’t a great deal I can say about this peripheral except it functions as you’d expect, and it does this with minimum fuss and hassle.

For those of you that are uninitiated into the world of Sega Saturn, the console itself has only two joystick inputs. Of course for most games two inputs is enough, but when it comes to Bomberman it is best played with four players, four beers per player per 4 rounds, and for four hours sessions – this is what the Sbom Multitap does for you (except the four beers part).



I would definitely recommend grabbing the Saturn Bomberman SBom Joycard and SBom Multitap if you get a chance. They can get quite pricey these days, specially if you buy them in a set, but even so I would say grab them before you can’t anymore. 😀

NEC PC Engine Pachinko Controller

Gambling is the fastest way to hell! Gamble with the lives of your children, the money you earn, or even the marbles you cherished back in your childhood – yes, I believe many of you may be that old – and you will be going to hell faster than the rest of us clean living folk.

So what do you do if you want gambling without all that eternal damnation stuff? NEC has the answer for you – the NEC PC Engine Pachinko controller set. 🙂


Crap, I just realised that some of you may not actually know what Pachinko is. Pachinko is the Japanese version of slot machines, but instead of watching a graphical representation of wheels rotating around, you get to watch real metal balls fall over real metal pins. Hmmm, that may not still give you an accurate picture of what Pachinko is… Google is your friend if you want more info. 😉

Anyway, as I was saying, you are going to hell! Just kidding (probably)…. This particular set comes with everything you need to get your fix. You have the controller to give you an authentic Pachinko feel, and also a CD-ROM2 game disk. By the way, I am not sure if the game disk I have pictured with mine is the original that came with the set, as I bought that separately.


The controller itself is everything you’d expect from NEC. It’s robust and feels well made.


Another option for those who need a Pachinko fix, but don’t have a CD-ROM2 (or similar CD PCE system) can buy the HuCard version of the game. Being a hater of Pachinko (yes, I’m going to heaven) I have not given these two an A/B comparison, but often with HuCards they are either completely separate games, or simply cut down versions of the same thing. I am not sure if this particular HuCard is simply a cut down version of the CD-ROM2 game, or something completely different.


As I mentioned above, I’m not a fan of Pachinko, but I am a fan of NEC/PCE and that’s why this particular set is in my hoard. 🙂

Namco NeGcon controller for Playstation

Ever been driving a car and said to yourself “why the hell can’t this steering wheel be a controller split down the middle so I can twist it for steering? And why the hell can’t the accelerator and brake pedals be huge cumbersome analogue buttons?”. No, you haven’t asked those questions? Probably why the Namco NeGcon controller never took off.


The NeGcon controller from Namco is one of the weirder controllers to come out for the Playstation. The build quality of it is great, and although I sling crap on it, I can imagine getting used to it to the point where it becomes a functional controller – not sure how long that’d take though. This controller will only work for the Playstation by the way, so don’t expect it to work with GT on the Playstation2.


Would I use one for a serious racing experience? Nope, not on your life. Would I use one over a regular analogue controller for the Playstation? Nope, I probably wouldn’t do that either. So what do I use it for? Adding plastic to the hoard is pretty much it. ?

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