Nintendo Disk System Card Cleaner

The Nintendo Disk System was an attachment that you would sit your Famicom on top of to play floppy disk based games.

Nintendo actually had game kiosks (vending machines) that would allow you to put in some money, put in an old Disk System game, and then have a new game copied on top of the disk – ahhh, the good ol’ days when piracy was not an issue at all.

But what happens when those disks get covered in grime? Well, you throw it in Nintendo Disk System Card Cleaner for a few spins.


These little units have a tape like substance that you can wind until you found a clean spot, then once your game was placed, you would rotate the disk to clean. Quite simple and it does the trick quite well.

Click to enlarge:
nintendo-disk-system-disk-cleaner-1 nintendo-disk-system-disk-cleaner-2

Unfortunately, the tape like material doesn’t really stand the test of time too well at all, and honestly speaking I probably wouldn’t trust it to clean my Super Mario 2, or my Kid Icarus.

It is a nice little unit to add to any hoard though. 🙂


  1. Give it a go Hollo, just use an inexpensive game that you don’t particularly care about. You’d be surprised at how well it works and at how much gunk it removes from the disk.

    It would be awesome if Nintendo released a device to clean the head of the actual disk system console, I wonder if such a thing exists? A cotton tip with iso works well but it sucks having to unscrew and dismantle the console to gain access to the head.

    1. Yeah, I am not sure if there was anything designed to clean the actual unit… There must have been though surely – this is Nintendo we’re talking about!

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