Epoch Bubble Bobble LCD – Arcade in the palm of your hand?

I picked this Epoch Bubble Bobble LCD up a few weeks back, and I thought it was well worth a post as I’d never seen one before achat viagra 10 mg. I can’t actually recall where I snagged this from – which shows you that I may have a buying problem – but was cheap enough, and the fact that it’s still sealed and unused definitely made it a must buy.


Epoch released some great LCD and VFD based games in the 1980s, but this particular game was released in 2005. Even though it’s not exactly vintage it’s still quite sort after, and it’s not unheard of to see them selling for around the $60.

I have not cracked this one open to try it out, and in all honesty I probably won’t, but if you’re keen to see it in action, a great Youtuber by the name of ‘Showagamer has a video of it running.

Not quite the arcade classic by any means, but neither was Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Game & Watch – that didn’t make it any less of a great handheld. ?


  1. These look cool but judging from the YouTube video, they appear to be a little cheaply made?

  2. I’m actually playing this right now and was looking for reviews. The video above misses a few cool things in this little handheld. The water bubble is there! He rides it down the screen killing all in path. Bosses ARE in the game! The boss levels have there own intro music. Level Skip is also there! 1up extra man. There’s a bunch of others icons too I haven’t discovered yet.
    I’ve been collecting these handhelds for a long time and this is one of the most playable, fun handhelds there is. Epoch created a classic. They are rare – this is the rarest of the series but still findable cheap with patience. One tip – Pause the game if on a level and not playing it or it will switch off after 5 minutes. lol

    1. Hey Zac, thanks for adding some very cool info!

      I have since sold this on, and as the next owner wanted it new I didn’t actually get a chance to play it. Amazing that there are actually bosses in the game!

      Hmm, maybe I should have actually cracked the seal and given it a go after all…. 🙂

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