I hope this luck doesn’t change!

The run of luck this old gamer has been having is pure craziness! I mean, games and systems I never see in the wild near me are suddenly showing up, and the only choice I have is to consume, and consume hard. ?

I think today I will save the best for last. The last item in this post is something I have wanted for ages, but they are so damn rare to come by – let alone in condition like this…. Still, I am talking too much about it already, so let’s get started on the other stuff.

3DO, a few DiskSystem disks, and a couple of PCE related goodies.

I am really looking forward to trying out ‘Pataank’ for the 3DO. I do not know a single thing about it, and judging by the graphics on the back cover it looks like seriously weird inside pinball machine game. I thought about doing a search for it, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Some more Famicom carts tarif du viagra en pharmacie. I should really sort through the carts I have at home before buying more, but when they’re there and they’re cheap, what can a guy do right?

Gameboy games… I honestly don’t have a heap of interest in Gameboy, but as I know there are a few guys on AussieArcade who are keen for them, I picked them up.

Same as the Famicom, I really should be going through the games I have at home before buying more Super Famicom carts. Due to buying so much in such a short space of time, I am really having difficulty keeping track of what I am doubling up on. (click thumbnails to enlarge)
super-famicom-snes super-famicom

Unfortunately, it really is looking as if the Saturn gear isn’t being restocked anymore. I am pretty sure these were there the last time I went too, but as there was nothing else to grab I decided to just grab them anyway. It really has been an amazing run at that shop though.

Hope they do it again when I have visitors come over from home (bet Sean does too right?). ?

And finally, the pick of the haul by far is my NEC PC Engine Duo-R!!

I have never seen one of these in the wild. I do see them on the auctions, but to actually walk into a store and see a boxed one was pretty nice. I am sure the guys in Tokyo see these all the time, but where I am it just doesn’t happen.

Did I pay too much for it? Probably. Do I care though? Nope, not at all. I have wanted one of these ever since the PCE bug took hold (thanks to Frank), and I was damn happy driving home with it. ?
It has a few scratches and scuffs on it, but all up it looks pretty clean. The guy in the place I bought it from said that it has all been tested, so I am looking forward to trying it out over the weekend. I can safely say this will be the machine I will be playing on, and probably the machine that will end up modded in the future (done any of these MJ?).

So again, I seem to be having the run of luck to end all runs of luck. But how long can this last!? ?


  1. Haha sweet Hollo!

    I didn’t cheat, I read through the entire post from top to bottom to find out the surprise and thought it was going to be a Vectrex for some reason, but a Duo-R is way cool!

    What mods are you wanting for it?

    If I ever get one I’ll be making sure it has an RGB mod (the Duo puts out an incredibly gorgeous RGB signal), region switch (doubt I’ll ever use it though, the US games don’t appeal to me), cap replacement and new lens fitted. Yep, it costs a fortune to get a Duo with these mods, but it’s worth it. Sean has one, ArcadeKing has one too I believe that he was looking at selling a while back, hmmm…

    1. A Vectrex would have been pretty damn cool, but to see one of those in the wild now if a steep ask. 🙁

      Yep, something to output a better signal is what I’d like a mod for. Region doesn’t worry me, as Japan has a better range of games anyway I hear.

  2. That poor sexy black duo you got the other week is going to be neglected now 🙁

  3. Welcome to the Duo-R Club! While all Duos are nice looking, the Duo-R was the first PC Engine I ever laid my eyes on. Love at first sight? Of course.

    Speaking of PCE, I see you’ve picked up one of those YAWARA!-games. I’ve been curious about them ever since I watched what I could find of the anime (and it’s pretty great too. Good animation and detail for a TV-series). I guess it’s just a bunch of minigames or a digital comic or something but it makes me curious.

    1. Yep, finally have myself a Duo-R! 😀 Now I just have to grab an RX, and SuperGrafx, then I’m set for my NEC console obsession – unless I end grabbing an LT too…. Na, I can’t afford that, but if someone wants an extra kidney let me know.

      I haven’t actually played YAWARA yet, but my guess is it’ll be a digital comic though.

      I did at least fire the Duo-R up late last night, and it works great! One happy guy here that’s for sure. 🙂

  4. I would happily forgo every other PC Engine console for an LT!

    Glad to hear that the Duo-R is working nicely, always a relief when an expensive CD based console fires up without drama.

  5. What a delightful haul Hollo! Hopefully there will be a couple of left-overs by the time we visit, but if not I’m still loving the picture gallery 🙂

    I can attest to the gob-smackingly delicious RGB output on a Duo-R – my machine cost a premium, but it works brilliantly with the after-market work and saved me the trouble of modding an expensive console (and potentially munting it).

    1. PCE in general these days is costing a fortune. It’s a pity really…

      Anyway, I am sure we can find you a few things to spend some money on when you come over Sean. 😀

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